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  • Comfort food - Food and cooking with a sentimental or nostalgic feeling, that usually provides a cultural connection.
  • Gastronomy - Art of eating well.
  • Grub - Food

A Bit About Who I Am

Me at Pike's Place Fish Market.I love open air fish markets.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my site. I am a professional chef. As a chef I am all about making comfort food the right way, from scratch, with love!

Feel free to poke around, there's a lot of valuable information about food and cooking, as well as a small collection of yummy recipes, all from scratch of course. (The recipe collection will get larger over time.) Most of the recipes on my site have been tested in a professional kitchen as a menu item, a daily special, or a component of a dish. For my site, I recreate the recipes in a home kitchen, to be certain they work on a smaller scale.

You can check out My Story page, if you'd like to know more about me.

Comfort Food 

Grilled cheese sandwich.Grilled Cheese

I believe food and cooking are the greatest pleasures of this life. There are not many pleasures that involve all of our senses and gratify the mind, body and soul like food and cooking does, and comfort food, more than any other really hits that mark.

Look at that grilled cheese sandwich. The bread is crispy and crunchy, the cheese is crispy  on the edges and creamy inside, tell me you don't want to take a bite of that. Yet, it is so quick and easy, three simple ingredients, that's it, three and your taste buds are going to be dancing in your mouth. When you cook, cook with love, cook with all your heart and soul. If you do this, you can't get it wrong.

Many times in restaurants customers would ask how I made a dish taste so good. Every time, I would say, "It was made with love." People would laugh about it but I think most people thought I was being coy or just didn't want to give them my recipe. They believe that something that is really good must be terribly complicated. Nothing could be farther from the truth. 

The reason I have always gravitated toward comfort food is that in its simplicity it is beyond good, every time, and that is the same reason I have focused so much on Italian and Mexican food. Those cuisines are filled with food that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy like gnocchi and polenta or tacos and chorizo, those dishes are awesome.

Bruschetta with olive focaccia.

Mixed olive focaccia crostini, roma tomatoes, sweet basil, red onion and extra virgin olive oil.

Don't you just love Italian food!

When You Cook Make It Your Own

When you cook make it your own, by that, I mean to say, if I give you a recipe and you execute it, it isn't going to be just like mine. Nor, should it be! We are different people.

As long as you put your heart and soul into your food, even if it turns out less than perfect, it is still perfect for you. Moreover, I prefer to eat something that someone puts their heart and soul into - though the results are less than perfect - rather than something that is technically perfect but the person just doesn't give a damn, because food prepared with love is always going to be better. And that, right there, is the heart and soul of comfort food.