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Recipes have been around for a very long time. According to Wikipedia the oldest known recipes date back to 1600 BCE. The problem is, historical evidence suggests that recipes were used long before that time, there just aren't any surviving recipes to prove it.

When I was in culinary school one of the instructors showed us a photo of a recipe that was supposed to be 2300 years old. That would put it right around 3 BCE.

What is interesting about old recipes, to me, is that they don't look like recipes do today. Typically they were a list of ingredients without any amounts, and no instructions. The theory being that the skill of the cook would determine the outcome of the dish.

An empty plate with a fork.

These Recipes Guarantee An Empty Plate

Cooking Stock

Stock Recipes

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Hollandaise sauce.

Sauce Recipes

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Brine with onion thyme and lime.

Brine Recipes

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Homemade Ricotta.

Egg and Cheese Recipes

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Tortilla chips, salsa, and chili peppers.


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A green salad with shaved parmigiano.

Salads and Dressings

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Cheesecake with happy birthday, Annette written in chocolate, on the plate.

Baking and Pastry

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Sesame seed burger bun.

Bread Baking Recipes

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Lamb stew with peas, pearl onions and parisienne carrots.

Soups Stews and Beans

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


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Raw golden beets and fresh parsley.

Easy Vegetable Recipes

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All butter mashed potatoes, on a plate, with a fork.

Pasta Grains and Potatoes

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Chicken Pot Pie.

Pies Tarts And Pot Pies

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Pork chop, demi glace, and mashed potatoes.

Easy Pork Recipes

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Italian sausage links.

Sausage Recipes

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pot roast with parsley mashed potatoes.

Beef And Lamb Recipes

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Roast Turkey

Poultry Recipes

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Pan fried shrimp.

Easy Seafood Recipes

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Homemade eggnog.

Holiday Recipes

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If cooking food recipes and food history is of interest to you, You should check out Food Timeline. This link takes you to a food and recipe timeline listing when those things first appeared. In addition they have some old recipes listed in paragraph format, that are fun to look at.

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