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Probably the most important and most often overlooked step in cooking any proteins, or for that matter most things food is, bringing them to room temperature before you begin cooking.

A raw NY Steak.NY Strip Steak

Cook Steak Like A Chef

The warmer the meat is when you start cooking, the less time it takes to cook through. So, the faster it cooks through the less time the outside layer is exposed to high heat. This is good because this way the surface layers are not as overcooked.

Is there a right way to cook a steak? Yes, there is, but the correct answer depends on what you want. If you want those really nice looking grill marks then you put it on the grill, sear it, pick it up, rotate it 90 degrees, and continue searing until you mark it. Then you flip it over and continue cooking it to your desired temperature. If your goal is to produce sexy grill marks you can't flip it back over, thus there is no way of evenly cooking it. However, if your goal is sexy grill marks then this is the right way to cook it.

Grilled rib eye steak showing the grill marks.Rib Eye Steak: This was done by grilling for 2-minutes, turning it, grilling for 2-minutes, turning it back over and rotating it 90-degrees and cooking for 2-minutes...

An alternative approach is to decide what temperature you want and ballpark the approximate time it will take per side. For example, let’s say you have a rib eye that is about an inch thick and you want it medium-rare. That means you want to grill it, about 4 minutes per side. Put it on the grill and sear for 2-minutes, turn it over for 2-minutes, turn it back over, rotate the grill marks 90 degrees and cook another 2-minutes, turn it over for the final 2-minutes. Remove it and let it rest for 5 minutes. This gives you your sexy grill marks and does a reasonably decent job of cooking your rib eye evenly. Is that the best way to cook steak? Actually, no it isn't.

Pan seared NY steak.NY Steak: this was cooked by pan searing for one minute, flipping the steak, searing for one minute, flipping the steak...

The very best possible way to cook steak it is to put it over the heat and sear it for one minute, turn it over, sear it for one minute, turn it over, one minute, turn it over...until you reach your desired degree of doneness, turning every minute. Cooking steaks this way ensures an even degree of doneness, better texture, and a moister finished product, without overcooking one side or the other. However, you don't get those sexy grill marks if you cook your steak this way. If you combine this method with the use of a meat thermometer You will have perfectly cooked meat every time, whether it's a burger on a griddle, or a steak on the grill.

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